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Welcome to Chickadee Montessori!

We are excited to announce the opening of our school on August 29, 2016.


Chickadee is a traditional Montessori School, proud to offer a smaller group setting for your childs growth and development. We believe that Montessori is a way of life - through engaging a child's innate love of learning and exploration - a child is brought to life.  

In Montana we have the gift of connection with the land that nourishes us.  At Chickadee, we acknowledge that to learn to love something you must first develop a relationship, and every relationship starts from the beginning.  We facilitate this connection through outdoor exploration, lessons in natural science and the development of awareness skills.

In the Montessori classroom we encourage the formation of community through a strong sense of self.  A child who is treated with dignity and respect is moved to act in kind.  The mixed age classroom helps to form those bonds rooted in empathy and connection. 

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